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Manage your herd with utmost convenience while we make record keeping simpler with our swine record keeping software. Eliminate the inefficient and unreliable paper-based manual recording and replace it with a much more sophisticated and reliable pig record keeping software. With our top-notch pig systems, you can save your farm from mismanagement and ensure a flawless workflow.

Maximize your workers’ potential and improve the productivity of your farm by fully automating your pigger production processes. Breeding records, health records, parasite treatment records, feed records, birth and death records are no more stressful to keep.

Relax in your homes and manage the records of your pig production operation with simplicity using our state-of-the-art record keeping software using any of your handheld devices; smartphones or tablets. No more mismanagement on your swine farm as the chances of errors or lost records reduce to zero with our perfectly efficient swine record keeping software.

Easy for Service Techs & Veterinarians
  • Workers see daily tasks on their dashboards
  • Records can be submitted in offline mode
  • Enter farm and room level records
  • Workers can attach photos and videos
  • Reminders help workers ensure tasks are timely completed
Insightful for Pig Farm Managers
  • Produce advanced pig reports at the touch of a button
  • View treatment records by lots or groups
  • Automate treatment workflows based on lot type and size
  • Monitor, manage, and improve breeding performance
  • Track farm and room level SOPs and stay compliant

Breeding Management
Automate pregnancy checks and track calving dates. Leverage real-time reports to make informed breeding management decisions.

Performance Management
Track room level performance data from the number of scouring and fall-behind litters to the reason for death, and more.

Health Management
Keep accurate records for diagnosis, treatment time and date, medication type, medication dosage, withdrawal times, health care provider, and more.

Pedigree Information
Pedigree information enables swine farmers to identify pigs that produce high quality offsprings, pick the right pair for breeding and get the desired results.

Farm & Room Level Records
Assign pigs to specific groups or lots based on the criteria that fit your specific program. Track complete records such as date of arrival, status, medication, category and more by location and group.

Advanced Analytics
Covering everything from swine health and performance to quality and compliance management, we enable pig companies to make decisions that enhance swine farm efficiency.

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