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With the winning combination of power, excellent functionality, ease of use, coupled with first class support, it’s not suprising that more Farmers and Agronomists use GateKeeper software.

The Complete Package

  • Robust complete and professional recommendations
  • Instant product recommendations which can be built into orders quickly and easily
  • Nutrient planning
  • Full integration with your farmer clients for electronic data exchange
  • Recommendation checking with SentinelActive for peace of mind (Optional)
  • Powerful and flexible reporting
  • Fully integrated Precision Farming module (Optional)
  • Comprehensive backup, support and training packages.
  • Handheld version available

Suitable for any crop type

Gatekeeper Agronomist is suitable for use in any crop situation from combine crops, field scale veg, root crops, soft and top fruit, to the most intensive salad crops. Fields can be divided and sub divided right down to plots as small as 1sq/m.


As a professional Agronomist you’ll want your Agronomy software to have the best level of compatibility with the maximum number of farmers. GateKeeper software is used by more UK growers than any other similar package. With GateKeeper Agronomist you’ll be using a system which talks the same language as your clients. Clients can export their fields and cropping to you electronically ensuring compatibility and saving time. They can also send you completed work details to keep you fully in the picture.

Your recommendations can be sent electronically to your clients either as printable PDF files or in a form which can be imported straight into your clients GateKeeper software saving them time and reducing inputting mistakes.

Pesticide Management

Users can create their own master list of pesticides by picking products from the GateKeeper Sentinel catalogue. This means that the correct product name, mapp id, active ingredient and lerap details will be available. The optional SentinelActive module will automatically check your recommendation against the appropriate crop approval details, warning you if any issues are found.

Users can add their own logical checks to the system

GateKeeper Agronomist supports the use of protocols using “red and green lists” and also by allowing the creation of protocol specific checks.

Security, mobility and collaboration

For security your data can be backed up remotely at the end of each session. This mechanism can also be used to “collaboratively share” specific clients with nominated colleagues. If you are part of a larger organisation, the GateKeeper Catalogue concept allows centralised management of products, prices, templates, logical checks etc which are automatically updated to all other members of your group.

Flexible analysis

The powerful reporting tools allow you to compare and report across individual or a range of businesses. There are pre-defined reports and a flexible Analysis module.

Backup, support & training

Our dedicated helpdesk advisors, trainers and developers together with our informed sales specialists ensure that you get the most out of the right software product for you.

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