Grain Management Software


The grain management system has been designed so the software can manage the activities of a grain store including the import and export of commodity to site, vessel management, agency management, stock control, quality management, commodity trace ability, weighbridge management and all the processes that revolve around such activities.

Vessel Import

A vessel will berth and discharge; this will be managed by the software utilising bulk scales, belt weigher or port authority lorries.

Vessel Export

A vessel will berth and loading of the vessel will be managed by the software utilising bulk scales, belt weighers or port authority lorries.


Intake of bulk or bagged commodities arriving as a known load at the weighbridge, following analysis quality streaming to storage locations of similar quality, rejections, claims and discounts supported.


Delivery of bulk or bagged commodity from a stock location of a weighted average commodity to a customer utilising the weighbridge to generate all required documentation.


Store to store transfer using bulk scales, belt weigher or the weighbridge to manage the quantity and quality of the commodity in hand.

  • Stock management
  • Intake with analysis
  • Discharge of vessels
  • Commodity delivery
  • Site flow management
  • Rental/Storage invoicing
  • Link to accounts (Sage,Pegasus, and Bespoke)
  • Lot/contract management
  • Historic reports
  • Daily analysis
  • Bespoke report generator
  • Stock analysis Driver terminals

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