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Large Scale Operations: For larger clients, our folia and fertiliser program is capable of handling multiple spray applicators operating over multiple days. This is critical for cost tracking and QA compliance. Irrigation: Your irrigation network can be subdivided into shifts and valves to replicate how water is applied to various parts of your property. You can schedule your watering program and GrowData will track your volumes and costs. (by block, variety or shift).

Fertiliser & Folia Applications
You can plan your seasons chemical program in advance, with a report on your monthly chemical requirements and cash flow.

Record your cost of harvesting on a per block basis as well as tonnage and final Baume readings. Compare performance of individual blocks over a number of years.

All labour, materials and machinery costs and activities can be tracked down to block and variety level. Critical information can be exported to your accounting, payroll or ERP software programs.

There are over 80 reports available. You  can also record baume readings  on individual blocks and this data can be forwarded to your winemaker prior to harvest.

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