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Hi-Plains Systems, Inc

- Version Pro Feeder - Feedlot Software Program for Custom Feedyards


Pro Feeder is lot accounting software for custom feedyards. All charges, feed and head days are tracked by the lot. Feed is also tracked by the lot. Feed is also tracked by the individual pens within each lot. Pro Feeder options include calculating feed finance by the lot and calculate finance charges on individual cattle notes on lots. Multiple prepaid grain options including full prepaids by account. Split ownership of lots allow up to 30 owners. In partnership owned lots, one owner can have prepaids, another can be feed finance, another owner can have cattle notes.

All data can be edited. Feed or fees can be entered on previously completed days. The feed and fees adjustment update option doesn't recount heads, charge interest or yardage when used. Feedbills can be run at anytime a lot has been closed.

Closed lots do not have to be deleted immediately or remain in a bogus pen. Once the head count in the lot goes to zero, all automatic calculations of yardage and head days stop. Closed lots can eventually be moved to the history section for future analysis or deleted. Feed and fees can be updated to a closed lot on demand.

  • For Windows 98, 2000, NT, XP, Vista, Windows 7 and the latest Windows 8
  • Unlimited number of lots, 8 character ID maximum, letters or numbers
  • Allows 1000 pens, 6 character ID maximum, letters or numbers
  • Maximum # pens/lot...16, maximum # of lots per pen... 128
  • Unlimited number of customer accounts
  • 255 rations maximum
  • 196 maximum INS, OUTS DEADS per lot
  • Cattle Notes, single or multiple notes per lot
  • Feed finance, use master rate or by an account or lot
  • 16 types of user defined cattle
  • Multiple lots/pen, controlled by individual pens
  • Allows 2 billing periods to be open at one time
  • Payments can be made against Feedlot charges, Feed interest, Cattle Notes or Cattle interest
  • Partnership lots, 30 owners per lot maximum
  • On partnership lots, 30 owners per lot maximum
  • On partnership lots, last owner gets the odd pennies
  • Standard yardage/head, yardage by pen, pen rent or can be added to ration cost
  • Maximum number of commodities 255
  • Commodity and Ration pricing to 4 decimal places
  • 20 commodities per ration maximum
  • Feedcard section with Bunk reading Reports and can print feed sheets
  • 255 user defined fees
  • Medicine option with drug inventory
  • Extensive incoming Grain section
  • Option to Split and Merge lots
  • Optional trucking feeding program
  • Historical Lot Section
  • Extensive lot edit section
  • Enter carcass data by lot
  • Enter check weights
  • Option to bill by set cost of gain
  • Prepaid options include:
         1. Total account prepaid with option to allow fees to be billed
         2. Warehouse receipts, customer delivered grain
         3. Locked rations prices, by account or lot
         4. Fixed commodities, prices by account with no credits given
         5. Prepaid commodities, by lbs or dollars
         6. Prepaid Rations, by lbs or dollars
         7. User defined prepaids other than standard methods
  • Ration recalculate options at billing;
         1. Refigure all rations prices to active lots at current price
         2. Refigure ration prices by range of days, 1-31 days
         3. Refigure rations prices based on revised commodity prices, 1-31 days
  • Option to interface with Pro Grain Commodity program
  • Option to interface with drug companies, hospital and bunk programs
  • Option to interface with Quick Books Pro
  • Extensive error trapping
  • Pop up screens display accounts, pens, commodities, rations etc


All reports are run on demand. Reports can be viewed on the screen or printed. Printers supported include dot matrix. A special printer routine allows dot matrix reports to print in  a fast text mode, not letter quality only. Certain reports can be exported to a PDF file for ease of use. These PDF files can not be edited once made, and can be easily sent to customers electronically.

Most reports can be run in lot, pen or account order. Most reports will print for a single owner. Closeouts can be run at anytime, even if the lot is still open. Feedbills can be run for a single lot, single account or all accounts. Feedbills can be run multiple times without restoring data.

  • Lot Analysis, by pen, lot, single account or animal type
  • Yard Sheet, by pen, lot, single account or animal type
  • Cowboy Report, by pen, lot, single account or animal type
  • Cattle Movement by lot, lists Ins, Outs and Deads
  • Daily charges details by lot
  • Daily Recap Report
  • Control reports
  • Commodity and Rations
  • Feed Delivery by pen or lot
  • Graph feed consumption by lot
  • Projected Sell Sheet
  • Show List
  • Breakeven Analysis
  • Closeouts
  • Recap of closed Lots in the Historical file
  • User Defined Reports
  • Carcass data summary by lot
  • Mill sheet showing yard consumption for each ration
  • Monthly Performance for closed out lots
  • Master Yard map
  • Pocket Yard Sheet
  • Pen Sheet
  • Lot List
  • Lot Consumption
  • Account Listing
  • Account Attributes, listing partnerships, prepaids, financed customers
  • Period End Summaries
  • Feedcard section
  • Bunk reading Reports
  • Grain Purchases Report
  • Commodity Usage Report
  • Medicine Treatment Report
  • Drug List
  • Drug Purchases Report
  • Monthly Feedlot analysis Report
  • Print customer receipt for INS,OUTS and DEADS
  • Graph feed consumption by pen
  • Graph carcass summary data by lot
  • New managers exception report
  • Plus many more

  • Aging Report
  • Pre-billing Reports, all accounts or single account
  • Feedbills and Statements, all accounts, single account or single lot
  • Accounts Receivable, all accounts or single account
  • Cattle Notes Reports, all accounts or single account
  • Banker Report, all accounts or single account
  • Financial Position, all accounts or single account
  • All reports can be printed or viewed on the screen

Customer reviews

  1. By Brittan Ellis on

    Absolutely the worst software for cattle feeding. The competitors program is more expensive but is MUCH more user friendly AND is capable of many more processes. Wouldn't recommend it to my ex-mother-in-law