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The farm map and the paddocks therein are essential to the functioning of the farm program. Apart from the obvious benefits of a farm map for reference, both the budgeting and the recording of farm activities (Diary) depend on it and paddock names are used in a multitude of places throughout the program. Typing in your farm address is all that is necessary to locate your farm. Paddocks need to be drawn in one at a time and this is a simple process. The drawing of the farm map normally only has to be done once in a farming lifetime although it can be reviewed and added to or changed at any time.

Save money and time with deep financial capabilities and automation. Including tracking, budgeting and third party accountancy software integration.

Collaborate interally and externally with our team productivity and social networking technologies.

Along with detailed crop, fert, irrigation and warehousing systems, our machine learning algorithms and weather integrations make easy work of your growth forecasts, providing increased accuracy for reliable predictions and management.


  • Ancestry & Compliance
  • Health & Activites
  • Drugs & Treatment
  • Feed Budgeting
  • Stock Rotations
  • Instrument integrations
  • Ease of input options


  • Draw paddocks with use of satellite maps.
  • Add hazards, tracks, shelter belts, buildings and much more to your maps.
  • Print off maps to provide useful navigation for workers/contractors who visit your farm.
  • Import even more detailed maps and overlays for improved information.


  • Keep your staff details up-to-date
  • Create logins for multiple workers
  • Enable staff to record various types of farm activities


  • Capture the everyday elements of HSC compliance
  • Use in an easy and effective manner for further analysis and reportings


  • Built for Android, Apple & Windows Platforms
  • Enter data rapidly whilst in the field.
  • Use as a hub for third party instrumentation
  • Work offline


  • Create an induction for new users & help familiarise them with your farm
  • Test your staff’s farming knowledge
  • Gain increased farming intelligence


  • Log all fleet & equipment details such as:
  • Service
  • Alignment
  • Repairs
  • Registration renewal
  • Odometer readings


  • Calendar
  • Weather map
  • Graphs
  • Manage multiple farms from one dashboard
  • Enjoy the benefits of third party integrations


  • Assign tasks to multiple users
  • Link tasks to existing farm assets & locations
  • Automatically update staff timesheets

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