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ICC PRO Software – Irrigation Software


The ICC PRO is a new and innovative irrigation software with brand new design and architecture, created with advanced up-to-date development tools. It serves as a remote water and irrigation management tool and is an integral part of the renowned Motorola IRRInet system. The ICC PRO software provides a reliable, centralized & remote irrigation control platform which communicates with all the system’s components while monitoring and controlling all relevant sites. It provides real-time status reporting of all irrigation, fertilizer pump stations and enables accurate operation of the irrigation programs and schedules. At the same time this user-friendly platform provides constant monitoring and performance analysis of all equipment components.

The ICC PRO designed for  multiple simultaneous users, the access to information is restricted to authorized and authenticated users through flexible multi-level password authorization from an entire system down to a single element level.

Mottech allows to use the ICC PRO software in two ways: in the form of a private server by purchasing a license to install the irrigation software. Or, by connecting to the cloud server services of the ICC PRO.

The ICC PRO software is updated on a regular basis, adding new features and enhancements as they become available. ,

Many of the added features are driven by customer needs as we constantly strive to improve the irrigation software based on customer feedback.

ICC Pro Provides:

  •  Reliable, centralized and total remote management solution for agriculture irrigation, turf and landscape irrigation and water distribution applications
  •  Accurate and timely operation of water-related processes
  •  Real-time performance analysis and status reporting for all field components
  •  Instant detection of system failures and selective SMS/Email reporting to on-duty operators or group of users


ICC Pro Main Features:

• Comprehensive programming abilities

• Irrigation schedule based on quantity, time and a combination of quantity and time

• Highly intuitive and easily customized Graphical User Interface (GUI)

• Powerful reporting tool which collects, archives and delivers customized operational data from remote sites

• Sensor inputs are automatically logged and data may be displayed in trends

• Set points may be pre-defined to start, pause, resume or stop according to conditions and programs

• Monitoring of inlets and outlets on the distribution’s mains, indicating any substantial difference in flow

• Powerful rule-based expert system providing decision rules

• Custom events are automatically logged and reported by the system, alerting users of any system failure

and other critical events

• SMS/Email dispatch to mobile devices

• OPC Client to connect to local and remote OPC servers (e.g. GIS, SCADA)

• Client–Server architecture

• Flexible multilevel password authorization – from entire system down to a single element level

• .NET framework and MS SQL database

• Multilingual capability in programming and operating thanks to Unicode support allowing the use

of different alphabets

• Windows® 7 compatible

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