- Forestry System for Mobile Devices


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INFLOR mobile applications were developed using the “user-friendly” concept, meaning, application with a friendly layout easy to use.

A great advantage in our application is that it runs without the need of a constant connection to the internet, allowing the record of information occurs and later, when an internet connection is available, these data registered in the mobile are sent to the main server.

There is also the possibility of geographical coordinates registration, allowing information to be spatially evaluated.

Information restricted access by user. Some user can have access only to some regions or functionalities.

Access areas, maps and operation information directly in the field

  • Agility in the data collection in the field, whether for own or outsourced operations;
  • Reporting errors elimination because the data is inputted directly in the app, without paper filling;
  • Validation errors anticipation because execute several validation to prevent inconsistency information get to the office;
  • Improvement in the office and field communication. All programming is downloaded to the app, this way there will not have questions about what needs to be done, ensuring the goals are clear for all the team;
  • The use of advanced data transmission techniques between the team devices allows the number of smartphones with internet access to be reduced considering the others devices will receive from these smartphones the needed data updates;
  • Operation without the need for constant connection (offline). This way the user can register all needed data and then synchronize whenever there is internet connection or other smartphone with internet access;
  • Information at any time in the palm of your hand. Visualization of management and indicators in the smartphone, allowing the decision making to be fast and effective. These information, once synchronized with the smartphone, can be consulted even with no internet connection;

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