- Version Forestry Register GIS - Software to Plan and Control All Stages of the Productive Chain


Plan and control all stages of the productive chain monitoring physical and financial variables

Main Functionalities

  • Control of forest base area through topological analysis;
  • Integration with Silviculture and Harvest modules to automatize the cycle turn and filling of plantation and cut values;
  • Creation of forest stratum for productivity and prescription parameterization;
  • Forestry register records mass update;
  • Generation of a monthly consolidated base to management and external reports and safety copies;
  • Update and validation of cartographic base;
  • Visualization of spatial history;
  • Publication and visualization of maps created by the user;
  • Map to plan harvest sequence;
  • Management and operational information as a theme map;
  • Collection and availability of field information and routing.

  • Land use control identifying plantation, vegetation, fire line, riparian forest, legal reservation, permanent reservation and other uses areas;
  • Increase of the operational productivity through land use’s occupations hierarchy control integrated with georeferred information;
  • Stratification of forest costs providing greater visibility of the production by grouping the stands by any variable that is forestry register interest.
  • Cost reduction in the operation avoiding improper payment problems by area/polygon overlap and/or municipality tax;
  • More agility and optimization of the geographical information analysis processes;
  • Productivity gains with the increase of the traceability of forest projects history;
  • Operational efficiency optimization with the treatment of the field occasions with more visibility of the events from the forestry register;
  • Possibility of spatial analysis, planning and topological validations.

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