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Standard and Premium software licences, providing a powerful platform for standard users with a suite of advanced features as a premium option. Reporting for advanced data analysis. “Webify” functionality, allowing loading of graphs and workspace onto a website for viewing on the internet. Definition of a crop’s growth stages, allowing changeable management lines as the crop grows and root zone develops. Ability to insert comments anywhere on the graph. Multiple graph panes able to be viewed on the one screen, enabling comparison between sites, seasons or different data sets. Various graph type options, including line and bar graphs, and change bars showing changes in soil water status over a given time period. Simple importing of other key data sets relating to soil moisture and salinity data (e.g. rainfall, irrigation, ETo, leaf wetness, humidity, soil temperature, soil matric potential). Simple option for email and backup of workspaces and graphs.

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IrriMAX Software Enables You To Visualise The Ever Changing Soil Water Dynamics And Make Instant And Informed Management Decisions.

Software Designed By Agronomists, Farmers And Researchers For Real Insights And Decision Making. Make Better Irrigation Management Decisions Using Easy To Understand Graphs And Reports.
Display Data From Individual Sensor Depths Or Summed Over All Depths.

When displayed in Sentek’s IrriMAX software, soil water data from sensors at multiple depths can show:

  • The effectiveness and depth of infiltration of rainfall and irrigation.
  • Depth of the active root zone at different times of the growing season.
  • Deep drainage.
  • Amount of water uptake and evapotranspiration from different parts of the root zone.
  • Fluctuating water tables.

IrriMAX software is available as a desktop version, for loading on to a PC – or accessed via the Live version online, by subscription.

IrriMAX Desktop

  • Devices: Desktop and Laptop Computers
  • Platform: Version 10.1 of IrriMAX is compatible with Windows 8, 10 ....

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