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MTech-Systems USA LLC.

Live Protein Production Accounting Software


A form-fit production costing model designed for the industry by the industry. Protein Production accounting certainly has its unique processes that do not fit nicely in standard accounting system. From purchase of goods to sale of finished products, our system solves the most complex Poultry and Swine accounting tasks. No need to struggle to adapt non-industry systems to your business.


As most accounting and costing solutions are built on generic discrete manufacturing models, they lack the unique features required to track from live animal to finished goods.

Our model is built by the industry to cover all those nuances perfectly, providing much greater accuracy in production costing.


Most ERP solutions disconnect the actual field activity from the financial impacts. Our integrated solution links the two together in a single step. So all cost factors are easily analyzed in conjunction with the production or consumption event that created the cost.


Most period-end closing activities mean days of reconciliation, revision and review. Our automated period-end process significantly reduces the time to close accurately by automating the moving of financial values based on field activity.

Live Animal and Feed Formula purchasing is unlike any other industry. The unique pricing models of your products coupled with the extensive traceability requirements often renders off-the-shelf purchasing systems ill-fit for day to day use in poultry and swine operations. Product defined bill-of-materials allows planning anad requisition of products based on live animal requirements.

Sales Order Management
As the source of your production inventory and cost of goods, the MTech solution allows you to directly execute sales from the point of order to the shipment without crossing systems. By linking the sales order to the production process, all relevant product traceability and revenue is instantly available in one solution. Flexible pricing options allow orders to be priced automatically or individually per order.

Inventory Management
nventory tracking and costing of animals, feed, medications, work in progress and any production materials is simplified and accurate. Access the ins and outs of any inventory location and any item with full details and traceability.

Automated Monthly Closing
The one-of-a-kind Protein Period End Process developed in conjunction with Poultry and Swine producers results in a faster and more accurate delivery of inventory valuation, cost of goods produced, accruals, expense and revenue reconciliation for every phase of live production. Watch your costs transfer through every stage of production to the finished product produced. Access profit and loss across all product development phases.

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