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Live Protein Production Planning Software


Precise forecasting, scheduling and optimizing the production supply-chain is what separates the most profitable organizations from the rest of the field. Our planning solutions provide the long-term strategic planning to reach your goals.

Plan globally. Act locally.
Planning a poultry or swine production operation requires investigating every phase over long time frames and accounting for variations in a live product, perhaps in multiple sites or countries.

By leveraging all the history and attributes managed in the solution already, the planning solutions ensure all stages fit together in a viable and profitable plan.

Consider all Options.
Sometimes the best plan  for the supply chain overall means de-optimizing some areas.

By running multiple scenarios side by side, the planning solutions give your users the ability to make hard choices in one area in order to achieve the best plan for the company.

Supply Chain. Optimized.
Planning the best schedule of animal production and finished product development is often undone by logistical limitations.

The planning solutions don’t just predict the best schedule of product development and movement, they also consider all constraints and resource obstacles, using an optimisation engine to fit all the pieces together.

Constant performance enhancements.
Tracking and Tracing production is crucial to evaluate performance, but when making decisions about the future that evaluation needs to be comprehensive and precise. Our planning solutions use your history and targets to optimize all schedules for procurement of day old animals, delivering of feed, transporting products, harvesting finished animals, producing packaged goods and all points in between.

Smart investments.

As feed ingredients make up the majority of your production investment, knowing when to purchase is a make or break decision. The embedded Feed MRP functions ensure you have the materials needed at the right time and cost.

Performance Analytics on your company history.

While genetics suppliers can tell you how their products should perform, live animals react very differently in various environments. Thus we create standard breeding performance curves using the history of your production chain.

Full Resource Analysis results in more acccurate Schedules.

Unconstrained Supply-Chains don't exist in the live protein world, so including exactly how each production scenario will fit with the company physical resources is paramount. Including the financial impact of that fit is of equal importance.

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