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Lysimeter in Motion (also known as Lysimeter Carousel) is a unique research system that enables the measurement of growth data using fertilizer and water. The system consists of 24 different containers installed on a circular track, weighing and rotating continuously. This is an advanced development of the Lysimeter system which enables accurate measurement by collecting data from several plants at the same time while neutralizing the environmental conditions (shade, temperature, and humidity).

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Like the Lysimeter, the system simulates irrigation and drainage of plants that grow in an orchard or field. Various measuring instruments collect accurate information on the consumption of water and fertilizer around the clock while controlling various parameters such as fertilization level, salinity levels, temperature and more.

Collecting the data from several plants simultaneously, combined with the circular motion of the plants that exposes them to the same environmental conditions, allows for a more accurate and precise picture. Using this unique method, it is also possible to isolate the effect of a particular variable. For example, by using different soil in each plant, only the soil effect can be isolated.

The system operates completely automatically: irrigation and fertilization are controlled by a computer that allows complete control over the irrigation regime, fertilization, and data collection.

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