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Finance helps you keep track of production costs and inventory values during the life cycle of the fish. It also calculates the value of the fish based on customer-defined guidelines. The system also provides financial budgets and prognoses, including the development of the value of the fish and production costs per kg over time. The solution has ready-made interfaces linked to various ERP systems and Mercatus production and slaughter planning. Customer defined rules ensures optimal accuracy, and financial budgets and financial forecasts can be easily made and used for reporting, benchmarking and measurements. Finance supports both marine operations and hatcheries.

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Updated information
All the data in Finance is «live», giving you the overview you need in order to make the right decisions. Furthermore, at the end of each period you can use the data to update prognoses and budgets for the following year. The data set-up in Finance can reflect the data set-up in your ERP/accounting system. It has the same accounting, cost centre and division structure set-up as in the accounting program. We also adjust AquaFinance so that entries are recorded directly under the relevant area of responsibility.

Production costs and value of the fish
Finance calculates production costs based on current data from your accounting system. This gives you up-to-date information about production costs per kg fish produced.

Finance cubes represent an analytical reporting platform with data from Finance. The reporting part consists of a set of OLAP cubes for reporting biological and financial factors that can be aggregated and filtered as desired. We can even set up tailor-made reports so that you can have control over production costs, the value of the fish, budgets and current production costs as compared with budgeted costs etc.

Integrated systems
Our solutions make daily life easier for our customers, keeping manual registration to a minimum. Records made on site are transferred to Farmer, which then distributes the numbers to our other software solutions, including Finance. This ensures the data quality and minimizes the need for repeated registration. Finance can also receive and transfer data to and from other business systems.

  • Effective cost control
  • Always updated inventory values
  • Advanced biologic and economic reporting

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