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The Integral System of Aquaculture Parameters Control (ISAPC), developed by INNOVAQUA, has as main objective to provide a resistant and easy working tool for the farmers, permitting the supervision, control and monitoring of all key parameters and elements of their farm.

The ISAPC is the only software for Automated Control in the market that provides:

   - Auto-demand Feeding System developed by INNOVAQUA for feeding management.

   - Automated  live food supply management system developed by INNOVAQUA (rotifers, micro-algae and artemia)

ISAPC is an open system adaptable to any fish farm that thanks to the tool's versatility and the aquaculture experience of INNOVAQUA staff, is perfect for any specific situation to achieve efficient targets.

ISAPC is distributed in two levels. A first level consists in Feeding Monitors and Sensors. Installing suitable sensors and probes to read different parameters levels (feed demand, oxygen, temperature, etc.) which control other devices and equipment (feeders, pumps, valves, aerators, etc.), maintaining those controlled levels within the required ranges.

  • Feed Demand
  • Oxygen
  • PH
  • Conductivity
  • Temperature
  • Redox
  • Water flow
  • Lighting
  • Pressure
  • Voltage
  • Total Gas

  • Feeders
  • Pumps
  • Dosing Pumps
  • Electrovalves
  • Pneumatic Valves
  • Gates
  • Heat Pump

Both drivers and monitors are autonomous and each can work independently of the others. This architecture system increases the robustness of the system against generalized failures, minimizing the risk of accidents and losses.

The second level is a computer system consisting of a single computer connected to the drivers via cable, optical cable or radio (communications network) where the entire facility is monitored.

Includes the following functions:

  • Presentation of parameters on screen in real time.
  • Presentation of the status of the devices on screen in real time.
  • Presentation of the main information, colour coded for quick interpretation.
  • Management of historical data represented in graphic format.
  • Extraction of historical data stored in Microsoft Excel format.
  • Alarms management, also via mobile phone.
  • Management of all the devices connected from your own computer or remotely (mobile phone and/or Internet).

  • Tools for centralized control and monitoring
  • Available for any installation of aquaculture
  • Open interface with parameters and other external elements
  • Control on farm or remote
  • Easy and resistant

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