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- Easy Monitoring of Production By Pen



Parlor Watch runs on your PC along with Dairy Comp 305. A flow meter is installed in the milk line between the receiver and pre-cooler. A temperature probe is connected to the out-flow of the pre-cooler. Parlor Watch reads the meter and the temperature probe as well as Dairy Comp 305 to create a reliable Milking Parlor Monitoring System.

Watch the dairy herd’s production, by pen, every milking

  • Pounds of milk per cow and per pen for each milking
  • Variation from the rolling average for each pen of animals, each milking

Watch the milking performance, by pen, every milking

  • Start and stop time
  • Cows per hour
  • Pounds of milk per hour
  • Time interval (gap) between the end of one pen and the beginning of the next

Watch the milking system, every milking, every wash

  • Maximum temperature on pre-cooler outflow is recorded for every pen, every milking
  • Minimum and Maximum temperatures are recorded for every wash cycle, every wash
  • Duration of the wash and volume of water ciculated is recorded for every wash cycle
  • Faulty receiver flapper valves are identified when they begin to fail

Easy to Use Design

Milkers press a single button between each pen milked.  The pen counts are automatically updated from Dairy Comp 305 and a summary report is printed at the end of each milking.

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