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The Picas program has many core modules, each one focusing on a different aspect of your business. Picas modules are seamlessly connected, and include Order Entry, Purchasing, Crop Management, Inventory Control, Sales Analysis, and an Accounting suite.

  • Six level crop plans
  • Material (Hard Good) Inventory
  • Material and Activity Requirements (What is needed to produce and ship a crop)
  • Container, Box and UPC Labels (Thermal)
  • Vendor Item Cross Reference
  • Inventory Reports and Inquiries
  • Chemical, Spacing, Enviromental and Labor requirements.
  • Customers (Billing To)
  • Ship To (Shipping To)
  • Speculation Order Entry (House Orders)
  • Customer Order Entry including Speed Entry and Blanket Order Routines
  • Pricing Contracts
  • Order Processing (Picking, Packing, Billing)
  • Integration with PICAS Accounts Receivable
  • Substitutions and Backorders
  • Availability Reports
  • Numerous Picking, Shipping and Invoicing Reports and Inquiries
  • Sowing Verification
  • Transplant Verification
  • Material Requirements
  • Reports
  • Activity Requirements Reports
  • Germination Rate Routines
  • Product Reconciliation Routines such as Adjustments (with reasons) and Physical Counts
  • Various Production and Availability Reports and Inquiries
  • Accounts Receivable, Accounts
  • Payable, General Ledger
  • Invoice entry: Regular Invoices, Credits,
  • Recurring Documents, Manual Checks
  • Ability to breakdown invoice amount in to accounts, cost centers and projects
  • Invoice Journals
  • Check Selection and Printing Routines
  • Various Reports and Inquires
  • Integration with the Picas Purchase Order Module
  • Create your own Financial Statements
  • Purchase Order Entry
  • Receiving Entry
  • Purchasing and Receiving Reports and Inquiries
  • Sales Inquires
  • Sales Reports (Ability to look at shipped and projected)
  • Sales Exports (Excel)
  • Reports and Inquiries
  • Small, rugged hand-held data collection units
  • Track sowing, transplanting, physical counts, germ rates, product move, labor counts, crop status
  • Rack tracking, Grower tracking, Locations
  • Attribute hours to cost centers, departments, and job functions
  • Tracking and maintenance of bonus payments from cost center and job combinations
  • Ability to evaluate and review employee productivity
  • Ability to make decisions on future labor needs based on past productivity levels and future quantity requirements
  • Overall analysis of labor cost, cost per unit, cost per hour, overtime, etc.
  • ePicas
  • EDI
  • Broker and Vendor Integrations

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