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Porcitec is a swine management software that will help you optimize the performance of your farm and increase your productivity. Porcitec gives you decision-making tools with fast, easy data entry, and flexible yet powerful reporting. Available for Web, Desktop, and Mobile platforms. But that's just scratching the surface.

It's Hybrid Ready

Some software providers make you choose between Desktop applications or Web applications. Not Porcitec. Its enterprise-proven hybrid solutions give you the best of both worlds, expanding your options without added complexity. With Porcitec, farms can remain autonomous running the desktop edition, and at the same time you can use the Web to share the data and reports. All working in sync.

It's Really Powerful

If you have used other applications, you probably know how frustrating it is to create a completely customized or advanced report. The most outstanding characteristic of Porcitec is its tremendous flexibility to adapt to the user. Most reports can be easily configured by choosing from many breakdowns, filters, and sorts. In addition, Porcitec incorporates a complete and powerful Report Designer with which you can create virtually any type of report. Porcitec uses relational database structure which allows for true data mining.

It's Easy To Use

Porcitec is user-friendly and requires no specialized computer knowledge. You can start using the core features and gradually using more complex tools such as report designers or data mining. It is often installed in farms using a computer for the first time, or you can run online avoiding installations.


In The Barn

Use Porcitec Mobile to capture data in the barn. Use bar codes or electronic identification to save time. Immediate data validation avoids mistakes. Look up female history in your phone, run check list reports, and see updated events entered from other workers in the barn. When Internet is available, the data is sent to the office or to a web server, available to managers and veterinarians.

For The Office

No need to re-enter the data, fix data entry errors or prepare check list reports. You get data in real time, and are ready to run custom reports or export to Excel. Run data mining tools, design your own female cards or any other report.

For The Farm Manager

See the Dashboard for a rapid view of key production values, which provides immediate detection of problems for timely management actions. Give access rights to any number of users to consult data from groups of farms. Quickly and easily monitor the productivity on all farms. Track tasks assigned to employees in the barn. Know who is doing what and when they are doing it.

For Vets And Other Consultants

Consultants can access reports and analyze data from the Web for fast detection of problems. Each user has assigned rights to access only specific data or farms. Trace history of animals, feed usage, and medication.

For Enterprise Managers

Compare farm performance between farms, side by side or consolidated. Benchmarking reports identify areas needing improvement. Manage the data from all farms in the entire production system from a central location.

For Feed Companies

Provide recording services to your customers as added value. Enter their data from your main office. Producers can access and print any report online. If you prefer, farms can install the standalone application so they can enter their own data, and you can monitor their farm from the Internet.

For Bureaus

Design sets of specific reports for each customer. Create custom female history cards, advanced analysis reports, charts and tables. Organize your reports by customer and category. Your customers can access their data from the Internet. No installation is required.


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