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- Poultry Chain Management Software


One innovative, cloud-based software package that clarifies all relevant data within your poultry integration. One system that analyses performance and detects problems early via an early warning system. One smart management tool that helps you plan, optimise business processes and take well-founded decisions that help your company progress. That is PoultryPlan.

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Insight into all data
All relevant data within your poultry integration is connected in one overview; from parent stock to layer or broiler, from production to logistics, from planning to finances. You can view all this at a glance.

Early warning system
If the parameters vary too much, you will receive a notification. This enables you to anticipate quickly and avoid unnecessary costs.

Produced for and by poultry experts
PoultryPlan was developed by a genuine poultry organisation and not by an IT company. For you, this means practical integration across all your poultry processes.

Smart analyses
With the intelligent PoultryPlan analysis tool, your data no longer holds any secrets for you. What is going well and where are missed opportunities? PoultryPlan clarifies this.

PoultryPlan was designed for and developed with the user. User-friendliness and overview are key to the design and the system connects seamlessly to your processes.

PoultryPlan is cloud-based. You can access your data using your smartphone, tablet or desktop. Whenever you want and wherever you are.


The world’s population is growing and this means a significant increase in the need for high-quality protein in the form of eggs and poultry meat. The requirements set for poultry farms and chain integrations are also increasing. Production needs to be more professional, animal-friendly, safe and sustainable.

Retain control across your company
Do you find it difficult to retain overview of all data in the countless spreadsheets that circulate within your poultry integration? Do you have the feeling that there is a lack of coordination between employees and between departments? Are you continuing to grow but feel you don’t have a stable foundation? Poor communication results in errors. And these sometimes have significant financial consequences.

All data from your poultry integration in one system
PoultryPlan brings an end to the lack of overview across your company. From now on, you can centralise all your data in one clear and structured system. Your planner, logistics employee, production companies, animal carers, administration and management work with their own modules within the same software package. The system connects data from the various links within your integration within one system. One click of the mouse provides you with insight into every link in the chain and from now on, everyone will work with the same data. Communication errors are a thing of the past.


ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. In short, ERP is software that supports all processes within a company. Planning, logistics, administration, finances, production: everything is combined in one, modular-based information and management system.

The big plus of an ERP system is that everyone works with the same data. Different links are connected, processes are more efficient and planning and coordination are improved. Data can be analysed easily and the improvements in efficiency are often coupled with significant cost savings.

PoultryPlan is specially developed for integrations or semi integrations in the poultry meat and laying sector, from rearing and parent stock to layer and broiler. This means that it is designed explicitly for production and operational processes from poultry practice.

  • Registers all technical data from your production companies
  • Compares technical results from production companies in a clear benchmark
  • Offers management an analysis tool for all the necessary information
  • Detects problems early via the early warning system
  • Ensures correct order processing and planning
  • Enables paperless recording of all logistic transactions
  • Offers you one clear overview of all relevant data.

  • Insight into and control of all processes within the total poultry layer and broiler chain;
  • Options for in-depth analyses and management information;
  • Significant cost savings through more efficient processes;
  • Stability in your organisation and easy options for growth.

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