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Ranch Systems LLC

- Soil Moisture Tracking Software


RanchMaster offers an effective and reliable way to measure soil moisture continuously and in real-time at multiple levels and at several points in a property. The data can be used to schedule irrigation in conjunction with Irrigation Control and/or trigger alerts on critical moisture levels. It can be viewed as time graph or color-coded soil water profile. The data can also be combined with climate and water resource information to create even more intelligent basis for irrigation and alerting.

  • Soil moisture probes connected to RanchMaster wireless telemetry nodes
  • Single or multi-level soil moisture probes installed in soil
    • Support for a wide range of 3rd party soil moisture probes
  • Connected to either base station or nodes
  • Continuous, real-time transmission of soil moisture to online RanchMaster software
  • Data viewed as traditional time graph or color-code soil water profile

  • Reduce water use by knowing water availability
  • Improve crop quality by safely controlling plant stress
  • Effectively and safely develop larger root system
  • Reduce labor and service cost of manual collection

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