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SimpleSteer – Revolutionary High Precision Auto-Steering Display Solution for Precision Agriculture Running on Your Tablet. The most advanced steering solutions from Novariant can now run on commercial tablets that are readily available in the market. The revolutionary SimpleSteer software solution from Novariant, the world's leading provider of precision steering solutions for agriculture, converts a commercial tablet to a command and monitoring post for your auto-steering operation. SimpleSteer, designed based on Novariant’s acclaimed A5 display simplicity, makes it possible for users to use their own tablet that they already know how to use, for steering hands-free with highest accuracy and repeatability. SimpleSteer resides inside Novariant steering controller and provides simple and fast installation through WiFi connectivity between display and controller.

Simplicity – SimpleSteer is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly with a simple interface.

Affordability – SimpleSteer is offered as an affordable software unlock.

Flexibility – With SimpleSteer solution, you can now choose your own display hardware for your auto-steering needs.

Versatility – In addition to auto-steering applications, having the display hardware so portable, that simply can be plugged into a 12V cab power or other source of power supply available in most agricultural vehicles, you have now the tools you need to take also your office with you to the field on the same device.

Multi-Language Solution – SimpleSteer can support several languages including English, German, French, Danish, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Hungarian, Ukrainian, Russia and Chinese.

  • Enables control and monitoring of a high-precision auto-steering operation from a commercial tablet
  • Cost-effective display alternative with the highest value to the users
  • Easy-to-use and intuitive display interface for users with auto-steer applications
  • Simple and fast installation through WiFi connectivity between display and steering controller
  • Flexibility on display hardware selection over a wide range of supported tablets with various models, sizes, features and operating systems
  • Quick and easy to learn display since you can use your own tablet as the display hardware
  • Easy and fast tablet portability from vehicle to vehicle
  • Supports all levels of accuracy from WAAS/EGNOS to OmniSTAR® or RTK configuration.
  • Interface support for hydraulic, CAN, mechanical & steer-ready vehicles

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