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Smart Greenhouse Solution


Take charge of suitable microclimate for plant growth.

Most vegetables and fruits that we consume in our daily lives are tropic or sub-tropic plants. Meaning, to grow them effectively, they need a 25-35 degree Celsius and 70-100% air humidity. Nevertheless, the fact is many countries in the world have such weather only for one or two weeks a year. Moreover, where such conditions are available, they are not accessible consistently. That’s why getting the best plant growth, and desired quality and quantity are some of the significant challenges.

  • Several reports indicate that plants exposed to high-temperature show reduced chlorophyll biosynthesis, thus declined photosynthesis.
  • Strong sunlight in summer is damaging on average 5.6% kiwifruit worldwide if managing poorly the damage can go up to 45%.
  • Exposure to a chilling temperature, from 1°C to 5°C, for 24 to 36 hours is noticeably harmful or even fatal to crop plants such as rice, velvet beans, cotton and peanut.

  • Optimize for a perfect growth environment and gain high yields year-round
  • Adjust color output throughout the plant lifecycle to control the plant’s growth behavior
  • Drill down to light settings and modify each color of the LED for consistent end-product quality
  • Monitor growth environment performance and Improve crop production
  • Fine-tune your plant’s growth strategies for each development stage

  • LED lighting and monitoring
  • Soil monitoring
  • Auto-optimize a suitable environment
  • Cut down on operational costs
  • Real-time diagnosis
  • Reduce harvest failures
  • Optimal irrigation
  • Remote management

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