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Strategic Pesticide Planning


Pesticide management is increasingly demanding and complex. Mistakes cost money. SentinelActive can help you meet the requirements of ACCS, Crop Assurance, HSE, Cross Compliance, Supermarkets and Customers.

UPGRADE from Sentinel Viewer to SentinelActive and you can rest assured that SentinelActive is working with you to help prevent expensive mistakes. SentinelActive only costs £129 + VAT per annum including weekly pesticide updates.

  • SentinelActive will check that your proposed application complies with the legal
    crop approval for each product in the tank mix.
  • SentinelActive carries a library of UK crop approvals which is updated weekly.
  • SentinelActive will check your Work Plans and Agronomist recommendations and alert you to issues which may render your planned application inappropriate allowing you to review and rectify any potential issues before they become problems. Checks include;
    • Approved crop
    • Latest application date
    • Earliest application growth stage
    • Concentration
    • Harvest interval
    • Units
    • Minor Crop use
    • Latest application date
    • Crop approval growth stage
    • Maximum accumulated dose
    • Complex timing comment
    • SOLA level approval
    • Earliest application date
    • Latest application growth stage
    • Planned rate of product
    • Interval between applications
    • Incompatible tank mix

Inspection Validation

Can you be sure that you use up pesticides in your spray store before the crop approval expires? SentinelActive can
help you manage this problem before you get caught out in an inspection.Over 18,000 crop approvals have expired in the past 12
months so it is unlikely that you will be able to keep track of all the expiries without help. SentinelActive will enable a Pesticide Expiry Date Report in GateKeeper,MultiCrop and Agronomist allowing you to identify products nearing their expiry date or those that have expired. It is much cheaper to use up the product when still legal than to pay the considerable expense of an approved contractor.

Linking with GateKeeper and MultiCrop

SentinelActive will help you to manage your pesticide list. On installation SentinelActive will match and link your pesticides to the appropriate Sentinel product. This is how SentinelActive knows which crop approval to use when checking your planned applications.The Active Ingredient and LERAP rating will be automatically added to each matched pesticide and used in traceability and other reports.


SentinelActive carries a searchable archive of SOLA documents which can be viewed and printed. If you grow fruit, vegetable, or salad crops you will almost certainly be using SOLA level approvals. SentinelActive will give you access to the appropriate approval details and allow you to generate and keep the document for your crop assurance records.


SentinelActive includes a Pesticide Interrogator which allows you to query the extensive pesticide library for pesticide products matching your requirements. Searches include;

  • Pesticide type
  • Active ingredients
  • LERAP (non,A or B)
  • Marketing level (available, not currently marketed)
  • Timing (planned date, application window, minimum clear days to harvest)
  • Target crop
  • Exact or partial match
  • Approval (full, provisional, Sola, expired)
  • Growth stage (window to latest growth stage)


SentinelActive will show the percentage dose rate for B LERAP rated products in Work Planning and Agronomist recommendations for any crop, allowing you to make and record appropriate LERAP decisions.

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