Land F/X

Land F/X

Version F/X - Irrigation Design Software


Irrigation design is a uniquely challenging field that requires highly advanced software. Simplify your process for even the most complex designs using Irrigation F/X - a comprehensive Irrigation Design Software plugin for AutoCAD.

Irrigation F/X can handle the most exacting standards and complex designs.

Create a schematic layout to plan your system before placing a single head. Specify equipment and add pressure and flow data, all from a dialog box in AutoCAD. Lay out and size your lateral and mainline pipe faster than ever. Check for errors and ensure uniform coverage by barely lifting a finger. Rest easy that everything will be accurate. Generate instant schedules and reports, and send them to spreadsheets. Multiple pumps, sources, or elevation changes? No problem.

Calculations are automatic and based on the Hazen-Williams Formula.

You provide the layout – we’ll handle the rest.

See our latest client-inspired features in action.

We’re constantly evolving our irrigation system design software based on feedback from our clients. It’s how we continue to give you the tools you need to work faster and more efficiently. Each week, we produce a short Power Tip video (about 2 minutes in length, on average) showcasing our latest user–requested features.

Piping & pipe sizing.

Draw mainline and lateral pipe, and size it automatically with a click. It’s just one of many ways we help you save time and ensure complete accuracy.

Piping Lateral Lines:

Customize to your standards.

Your design standards are unique. They don’t just set you apart from the competition – they make your drawings look great. We give you the tools to enforce and improve your standards across all your plans.

Reports & schedules.

Instantly produce and customize any schedules or reports. Leave the calculations to us.

Manufacturer database.

Choose equipment from a extensive database of manufacturers, including complete performance data and pre-assigned symbols.

Spray heads, drip emitters, valves, backflow devices, controller and controller accessories, booster pumps, thrust blocks – we’ve got them all and more. If you have a favorite equipment model, chances are it’s in our equipment database.

Take away the guesswork!

Our Schematic Irrigation tools help you visualize your plan before you lay a pipe or place a single piece of equipment.

Create flawless plans.

Errors are inevitable; undetected errors are not.

Our error-checking tools will find every piping error, giving you the assurance that your plan is completely accurate.

 How easy is it to learn? Incredibly.

When you install our landscape and irrigation design software, you’re installing a set of additional AutoCAD functions designed just for you. It’s like your landscape architecture tool belt. Need a little help? We’ve got the learning resources you need. We strive to make CAD-based landscape design simple, intuitive, and fun.

More than just calculations: AutoCAD tools.

Work from within the industry standard of AutoCAD, armed with an array of tools geared specifically to the demanding requirements of irrigation design.

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