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The Leica mojo3D is designed to grow with your farming operation. With many industry-leading advancements, the Leica mojo3D is a versatile guidance display with multiple upgrade options allowing users to uniquely customize the system to fit their individual needs. Choose from a range of option packs to add terrain-compensated electric auto-steer, single section or multi-section control, or high accuracy RTK via the Leica mojoXact Plus.

The Leica mojo3D comes with the following standard features:  

  • Ultimate Curve
  • AB parallel
  • A+ heading parallel
  • Fixed contour
  • Pivot
  • Save and recall waylines
  • Export/import waylines via USB


  • Store worked area
  • Record field boundary
  • Calculate total area within a field
  • Save / recall treatments
  • Import / export treatments via USB
  • Change swath width without being forced to clear on-screen treatment
  • Create and export treatment report direct from Leica mojo3D to USB

3D Vehicle Modeling

  • Multi-link implement modelling for accurate section control
  • 3D representation of your rig on the screen
  • Model tracked machines, front-mount boom, as well as all standard vehicles
  • Vehicle wizard to make vehicle setup easy

  • Integrated L1 GPS receiver with GL1DE™
  • Improved pass-to-pass accuracy with GL1DE™
  • SBAS standard (in locations where SBAS is available)
  • GLONASS optional with Leica GeoPRO antenna

  • True 3D graphics for enhanced user experience
  • Easy-to-follow icon-based menu structure
  • Automatic or manual day and night mode
  • View in 3D perspective with first person or chase and top-down with heads-up or north-up modes
  • On-screen lightbar with intuitive heading assist drive-to mode
  • Use the system as visual guidance or upgrade to auto steer
  • Configurable status readouts (up to five on screen at once)

  • Request remote support from system
  • Remote technician able to see screen and system status for quick problem resolutions
  • Over-the-air software upgrades

  • Setup wizards to make system setup easy
  • Upgrade, backup and rollback of software through USB
  • Helpful on-screen diagnostics
  • Selectable units: metric, imperial or US Standard

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