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GrowData’s Vineyard Management Program has been developed in conjunction with many of the countries most astute wine grape growers. The screens are easy to use yet there is a great deal of sophisticated processing going on in the background. The software has been designed from the ground up to specifically manage wine and table grape production.
Because it has been designed in conjunction with growers, the software works the way you go about the business of growing fruit, not some programmer’s idea of how it should work.

With one simple entry process GrowData can produce a multitude of reports as well as prepare spray diary reports for multiple wineries in the exact format they require. You will no longer have to fill out multiple spray diary books for various wineries. With GrowData you enter the information once only. GrowData will then produce the report for the contracted blocks for each of the wineries, in their format. You can even email the reports directly to the wineries.

Creating the spray record also creates the instruction sheet so paperwork and data entry are dramatically reduced. Similar detailed work orders can also be produced for fertigation, irrigation and dry fertiliser spreading.

You are in total control of the chemical manifest. Set the withholding periods as well as the “do not spray before or after a particular growth stage.” GrowData even has the EL Modified Code built in. Compliance with the varying winery requirements and reporting standards is a breeze.

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