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Aquaculture System Management Training



This 4-day Practical Aquaculture Course aims to arm the delegate who intends entering the Aquaculture Industry with additional information, practical skills and the disciplines associated with managing a commercial fish farm. We cover largely the same theory addressed on the DVD Course, but in additional detail.

Thereafter we conduct the practical exercises on our commercial fish farm to give delegates an opportunity to experience for themselves the practical components of aquaculture, including:

  • Testing and understanding water quality variables and their interactions, as well as different methods of testing
  • Breeding a range of fish species including egg layers, livebearers and mouth brooders
  • Identifying fish parasites and pathogens, and deciding how best to treat them
  • Feeding fish - how, where, when
  • Infrastructure management for optimal production
  • Stock management, including short cuts to save time, effort and stress on the fish
  • Record keeping - what, how, where the store it and how to interpret the data

This Course is a MUST for anyone new to the industry and has been well attended, and much appreciated, by the delegates over the years. Delegates receive a comprehensive 167 page Aquaculture Course Manual which serves as a text reference in years to come, as well as the lecture handouts for each topic. The next Practical Aquaculture Course will be held:

Aquaculture Academy, Grahamstown 9 to 12 June 2014

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