- Training Seminars


Bale Band-It Training Seminars are a great way to get a hands on course to understand the Bale Band-It from those who know it best.

Who can attend?

  • New owners / operators of Bale Band-It
    • Bring all your operators so they can be trained together
  • Potential buyers who want to know more about the Band-It
  • Refresher course for those who have been through the seminar before

What does the Training Seminar Cover?

  • Manual Overview
  • Component Overview
    • Mechanical, Electrical, & Hydraulic
  • Hooking up
  • Cycle Band-It empty
  • Lubrication and Maintenance
  • Cycle Band-It with strapping and 21 bales of hay
  • Manual Overrides
  • Troubleshooting

What do I need to do before I attend?

  • Download Pre-Seminar Form
  • Print, fill out, and bring form with you to the seminar

When do the Seminars occur?

  • Call GFC to get up to date information

How long do the Seminars last?

  • Starting time 8:30 am CST
  • Finish around 3:30 pm +/-

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