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Individual Auditor Training


PEFC Chain of Custody auditors have to attend a PEFC recognized training at least once every two years. This training helps ensure they are kept up-to-date with the PEFC Chain of Custody Standard, enabling them to consistently apply the Chain of Custody requirements in daily practice.

How to get trained

We organize various trainings throughout the year. Trainings are offered in person, usually together with one of our national members, and are increasingly held online.

Our national members also carry out auditor training. If you don't know the contact details for your national member, you can find them on our website. If there is not a national member in your country, you will need to do one of the trainings run by us.

What to expect

Based on interactivity, practical examples, open question and answer sessions, and dedicated group work, these trainings enable the auditors to benefit from the knowledge provided by our technical specialists, as well as from experience exchange between each other.

Need to train several auditors?

If you work for a certification body with a high number of auditors, the PEFC Training Recognition Program might be a more efficient way to receive the PEFC training.

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