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Auditors can also be trained by the certification body that they work for, on the condition that this internal training is PEFC recognized. We provide this recognition through our PEFC Training Recognition Program (TRP).

If you, as a certification body, are looking for an efficient way to ensure that all your auditors attend a PEFC recognized training, then the TRP is the solution.

The main advantage is that you do not have to plan how and when every individual auditor can attend a training organized by PEFC. Instead, you can decide yourself when to train them.

CBs of all sizes welcome

The TRP was initially designed for CBs which employ a high number of auditors. However, smaller CBs can also take advantage of the program, at a discounted fee. To find out more, contact us at 

What you can expect

The TRP consists of a two day in-person training session for the representative of your certification body. After this you need to provide the content and process description of your internal PEFC training.

Once we have positively verified the process description and training content, the PEFC recognition is awarded.

During the validity of the training recognition, to keep your auditors up-to-date, we organize regular update meetings to inform you on recent developments, the latest Q&As, interpretations and changes in our training materials.

See our information sheet for more detailed information, including what you can expect, the cost and our requirements.

How to participate

If your CB would like to participate in the TRP and start to provide internal PEFC training to auditors.

Participating certification bodies

As of August 2016, the following CBs are participating in the PEFC Training Recognition Program:

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