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Agri-Press Model E-1 Video

The Four E's of the Model E
The Agri-Press® Model E is designed for manure slurry separation and priced for the mid-sized producers, but it performs like a high end press. The Model E addresses four major issues involved with manure management and the mid-size producer; Economics, Easy installation, Efficiency and Environment. The Agri-Press® Model E can be set-up and installed with little or no difficulty, the efficient design produces a dry solid the can be easily composted and used for bedding. The design also insures high capture efficiency, so that a majority of the manure is in your dry solids stack and not the lagoon. The price range is easily affordable when compared to purchasing bedding off the farm. Made in the USA. For more information contact Press Technology & Mfg., Inc. 937-327-0755, and check out our website at

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