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Agrifac Condor StabiloPlus - developed for one purpose: self-propelled spraying Video

StabiloPlus was developed for one purpose: self-propelled spraying
Just like its predecessors, the new Condor also boasts the unique StabiloPlus chassis. The basis for this chassis was laid more than 25 years ago. Specifically developed for selfpropelled sprayers, this suspended chassis runs smoothly and effortlessly on all uneven surfaces. The Condor comes with individual pneumatic suspension as standard, which provides excellent driving comfort. StabiloPlus and the pneumatic suspension ensure that you have an extremely stable and comfortable sprayer, both on the road and in the field. A great benefit for the stability of the spray booms, both horizontal and vertical. The Condor has a stepless track width adjustment of 150-225 cm* as standard which can be adjusted via the EcoTronicPlus touchscreen. Ideal for farmers and contractors to apply to all crops and cultivations.
StabiloPlus also assures an ideal weight distribution in all situations for optimal traction and the least possible ground pressure. Through its low weight and low centre of gravity,
the sprayer can also maintain its standard high ground clearance of 125 cm during road transport. With a maximum speed of 50 km/h on the road (depending on national
legislation), you keep the transport time to a minimum.

StabiloPlus; the plusses for you
Patented by Agrifac, the unique StabiloPlus with air suspension provides the following benefits:
+ An chassis which has been developed solely for selfpropelled sprayers! You don't get more specialized than that.
+ Optimal comfort in all situations: on the road, in the field, in wet and dry conditions.
+ Even weight distribution over all 4 wheels under all conditions assures an even and minimal ground pressure, minimising tracking and providing the Condor with optimal
+ Vehicle movements are not passed on to the spray boom, resulting in a quiet and stable spray boom which guarantees an optimal spray pattern.
+ Avoidance of spray yaw which provides even distribution of spray product and liquid fertilizer over the field which results in higher yields.
+ Minimal movement of the liquid in the tank also assures even ground pressure and minimum spray boom movement.
+ Comfort at its best! Even and quiet movement of the Condor over the field and on the road.
+ Standard stepless hydraulic track width adjustment from 150 to 225 cm. The current track width can be seen on the EcoTronicPlus screen. The four previously selected track widths are automatically saved.

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