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Automating your Cannabis Trim Process with GreenBroz Video

Up until very recently machines that automated the cannabis trimming process were awful.

They were not designed well, they produced cone-shaped buds and they would get gummed up with resin easily. The GreenBroz automated machine just works. It is quiet, fast and treats you buds extremely gently.

Key Takeaways:
1:00 – What is GreenBroz
2:03 – Cullen talks about by other trimming machines don’t work optimally
4:50 – How does GreenBroz avoid cone-shaped buds in the trimming process
10:45 – What is ROI on the machine
13:16 – Cullen talks about how to clean the machine
14:55 – Costs of the machines
16:12 – Ease of getting leaves for concentrates
17:32 – What are the sizes of the machines
20:26 – Contact details for GreenBroz

You can also listen to the full interview at HERE:

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