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BioStrate Propagation Felt for Hydroponically Grown Microgreens, Salad Greens and Wheatgrass Video

BioStrate™ Felt is a growing media used for the propagation of hydroponically grown microgreens, salad greens and wheatgrass. BioStrate was developed by Grow-Tech LLC, a leading manufacturer of stabilized growing media for hydroponics, aquaponics, horticulture, forestry, living walls, agritecture and the future of farming.

BioStrate is certified as a biobased product by the United States Department of Agriculture. The product is also certified by the Biodegradable Product Institute as meeting the ASTM 6400 standard for suitability in industrial composting. BioStrate has also received the great than 85% biobased product as well as compostable under industrial conditions certifications from Din Certco in the European Union.

To learn more about BioStrate and any of our other products visit http:grow-tech.com or email us at info@grow-tech.com

Transcript from the video:

Today we are at Olivia’s Garden in New Gloucester, ME to demonstrate how to use BioStrate Felt as a growing medium for hydroponically grown microgreens, salad greens and wheatgrass. BioStrate Felt is made from a biopolymer and a natural fiber and is manufactured here in Maine. It is lightweight and readily absorbs water to create a moist environment for seed germination.

BioStrate Felt comes in 10”x20” sheets and rolls of Felt that can be cut to custom widths. Today we’ll be using 4”x20” strips which we’ll place side by side in the 9” wide gutters. Growers using NFT systems have had best results when space is left for water to flow freely on either side of the medium. BioStrate Felt doesn’t require any kind of pre-treatment. It needs only to be moistened which you can do as a misting or in a water bath. Lay the growing medium out and sprinkle seeds to your desired density. Depending on your location, type of seeds and set-up, you may place these strips in a dark warm location for 48 hours or until germination occurs. Other growers place it directly in the growing area and seed and water there.

BioStrate Felt performs best when it is not overwatered. The exact amount of water will depend on your growing environment. However, it is important to never let the water get higher than the felt. Here is a photo that illustrates this. If water is pooling on the medium, you are watering too much. You might be surprised at how little water BioStrate Felt needs. We were told by one hydroponic grower that a crop of microgreens growing on our medium did not receive water for an entire weekend and was just fine. While we don’t recommend taking such a chance with your baby greens, this story does illustrate that in a humid environment, our product requires less water than you might think.

BioStrate Felt is designed for one time usage. Once the crop is harvested, dispose of the medium. Our product meets ASTM D6400 and is intended to be composted in a commercial composting facility. These do not exist in many communities. Visit www.findacomposter.com to see if such a facility exists in your community. BioStrate Felt is not suitable for backyard composting.

It is very suitable, though, for growing microgreens, salad greens and wheatgrass! If you are a commercial grower and would like to learn more, contact us via phone or e-mail.

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