Cross Auger & Pea Auger Video

Draper headers are often the best way to harvest most cereal crops but they can really try your patience in peas, canola, mustard, and some pulse crops. Tangled oats and fluffy bearded wheat also show a improvement. But bunching and catching can cost you time and lost yield.

The cross auger kits from Ag Shield let you use your draper header in all of your crops. The augers span the whole header and drag material in from the corners so there is no dead while catching even really fluffy material smoothly. No more lumps surging through the combine, overstressing drives and overloading sieves. You can relax with your harvest under control.

Built to provide long lasting touble free service the cross auger will work with your draper header. Installing cross auger kits is a breeze for all makes and models of draper headers including MacDon, John Deere, and Honey Bee kits. With the use of heavey duty self aligning ball bearings and double chain couplers to ensure smooth operation the only real decision is deciding whether to tap into the canvas or reel hydraulic circuit to power it up.

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