FIAP Profiwork Salmofix Slaughtering Aide for Professional Gutting of Food Fish Video

FIAP profiwork Salmofix -- FIAP's original -- has been in practical use for decades. Being a slaughtering aide for fish farms as well as for small to medium-sized production plants, FIAP profiwork Salmofix has been tried and tested. FIAP profiwork Salmofix facilitates ready-to-kipper gutting and perfect cleaning of food fish in one single working step. Food fish (of 200 -- 1300 grams of weight) will be opened by FIAP profiwork Salmofix's Knife, and subsequently be cleaned completely from all entrails by FIAP profiwork Salmofix's Head. The perfectly shaped die affixed to FIAP profiwork Salmofix's Head will even fully remove fish kidneys. A pneumatically controlled blade (actuated by means of FIAP profiwork Salmofix's Mushroom Button) cuts off the fish gorge. If requested, gills can also be removed at this operational step. FIAP profiwork Salmofix's practice-oriented design allows for achieving an hourly output of approx. 300 -- 400 food fish. FIAP profiwork Salmofix can also be perfectly combined with FIAP profiwork Fish Cleaning Brush Machine. FIAP profiwork Salmofix is available for wallmounting or as table-top unit. Both models' delivery scope comprises one FIAP profiwork Salmofix Head, on FIAP profiwork Salmofix Suction Device, one FIAP profiwork Salmofix Compressor, as well as all required connections.

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