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H7 Tree Digger - GK Machine Inc. Video

GK Machine’s H7 Bare Root Tree Digger has proven itself year after year, in field after field as the backbone of GK’s product line – the premier bare root tree and shrub digger in the industry.

H7 Tree Digger: http://bit.ly/1QxBwLG

This workhorse gets the job done fast and efficiently, and it’s extremely easy to operate and maintain.

With a very low center of gravity, the H7 maneuvers well in all kinds of terrain and ground conditions.

The H7 has the power needed to make tough digging jobs easy - it
puts out just over 440 lbs. of torque at 1,500 RPM.

Designed to straddle rows, the H7 has “on-the-go” track width
adjustment while the tunnel offers a full 9’ of vertical clearance.

The H7 travels at 6 miles per hour, covers an area of 12’ 6” and will pull the ½” thick sold steel U-blade for a complete length of 21’ 6”
– all while carrying 80 gallons of diesel, driver and blade.

The variable speed oscillating shaker arm efficiently removes soil and debris from the root structure for a fast and efficient operation.

Contact GK Machine, Inc. for more information:
http://gkmachine.com | (503) 678-5525

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