Hight Throughput small plant Phenomics Video

Scanalyzer HTS for hight throughput and high content screening plant phenomics

Following the huge accomplishments in plant genetics the subsequent challenge is the mapping of large populations for a better understanding of plant phenomics and integrated plant performance, thus achieving fast targeted breeding. Introducing the new high throughput and high content plant phenotyping platform LemnaTec provides the technology to answer this new challenge.
The Scanalyzer platform is based on the advanced technology of highly efficient production systems used for example in the automotive industry , though specifically adapted to the rough greenhouse conditions and further developed to meet the particular needs of advanced science-directed breeding.
Plants are phenotyped continuously with the so-called moving field concept enhancing the statistical power of the greenhouse trials. The automatic greenhouse logistic management system moves plants in different greenhouses and from the greenhouses area to the scanning area. The core technology of the system is the LemnaTec Scanalyzer 3D phenotyping platform.
By using latest RFID Technology each plant can be automatically identified and tracked throughout its whole lifecycle in the greenhouse.
Based on multiple wavelength imaging plants are imaged under highly defined conditions in specific chambers. Each single plant can be automatically imaged on a daily basis. Plant specific imaging protocols lift the plants and define camera magnification in order to achieve optimized imaging of all growth stages.
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