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Logosol PH360 - A stable four-head planer/moulder - LOGOSOL - Video

A stable four-head planer/moulder for professional production. This completely new machine has its place in environments such as woodworking shops, timber yards, homebuilding facilities and, naturally, in the construction trade. One and the same machine can mould everything from fine trim work to timber blocks with outstanding results.

If you are planing small materials, such as panels and strips, the top cutter support lays close down to the table. If you want to feed in five-inch housing timber, the top cutter support shifts to a higher position above the table, and the machine changes height both internally and externally. The machine can shift up to 230 mm (9') in height!

Read more at: http://www.logosol.com/planers/logosol-ph360/

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