Poultrix- Smart Farm Technology Video


Poultrix is an automated technologic solution focused on
organizing information and documentation of production.
Starting from the first stage in the chain of production, parent
flocks, and following through to the sale of meat products and
or table eggs.
Poultrix manages poultry, breeder, layer and turkey farms, and
can be used by both large integrations or smaller individual


In order to significantly improve the efficiency and profitability
of the organizations, advanced technology is needed to gather
large amounts of information from various production mean
spread out over large areas.


Poultrix enables the gathering of data in real time, automatically
and or manually.
Information is received from Agrologic controllers, or controllers
from other companies, and from all complementary systems in
the organization.

Automatic data collection allows for more precise and reliable
information, which can be used for analyzing reports.
Poultrix enables farmers and managers to use its software from
any internet connected device, such as computer, tablet or
cellular phone from anywhere in the world.
The user interfaces are friendly and easy to use. Additionally,
information is secured to the highest degree.

Poultrix uses cloud technology, which enables the user to enjoy
numerous technological enhancements and to always be at the
forefront of technology.

Data gathered from end systems can be used to alert the
system, which enables the manager and farmer to follow and
supervise activity at any given moment.
The automation of the data gathering and its transmission to
the center takes place from the following locations:
1. From the poultry house controller; water, mortality, body
weight, food consumption, lighting, humidity, etc.
2. The feed mill manufacturing floor
3. The meat processing plant manufacturing floor
4. Hatchery manufacturing floor
5. Waste processing
6. Egg sorting machine (layers)
7. Financial systems and real time cost analysis


Poultrix-BI allows you, the manager and farmer, to analyze the
data using various segmentation methods, graphs and dynamic
reports, thus making growth more efficient and economical.
Poultrix technology is easy and simple.
It allows you, managers and farmers, to run your organization
and farms in the best, most professional and economical
manner. Using advanced BI analysis you will be able to
immediately improve your growth cycle.

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