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SABRE 2013 NEW SERIES Zago Unifeed TMR Trailed Horizontal Feed-Mixer - Video

After several success and international patents, ZAGO is introducing to the livestock market the new improved series SABRE horizontal Feed mixer with two counter-rotating augers.
Thanks to an innovative design conceived to offer the purchaser higher performance than traditional mixers, the machine is an efficient solution to modern farm needs, especially for shredding/mixing cylindrical or prism straw and/or hay bales and all types of silage.
The SABRE horizontal trailed T.M.R. Feed mixer series is the solution to medium-sized modern farm needs and offers high yield with limited investments.
It adopts the DUO MIX mixing system invented and developed by ZAGO in 1995, making these machines one of the most appreciated and sold on the market.

NT series
The SABRE 2 horizontal counter-rotating augers T.M.R. Feed-Mixer series is featured by the Zago DUO MIX system that facilitates round bale and tough product shredding and mixing.

WL series
The WL series comes with a rear loader that facilitates loading.

WT series
The WT series is equipped with a milling device able to quickly cut all the ingredients required for the ration, creating a smooth and compact milled surface to prevent fermentation and the formation of mould, harmful to the animal's rumen.
The cutter installed inside the machine reduces the overall dimensions and facilitates transit even in narrow passages.
The counter chassis guarantees precise weighing, insensitive to mixer movements. It also allows for the complete collection of ground silage, perfectly cleaning the ground before the silo.

The SABRE model, in the NT, WL and WT versions, comes in 7 cubic volumes from 5 to 17 m³.

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