Safe-T-Pull Pro - Semi Stuck in Sugar Beet Field - Video

Safe-T-Pull Pro product overview

Ever have a freak accident where chains have broken? Well you won't anymore! The SAFE-T-PULL is a hitch system that has a bracket mounted to the front of your truck, and a hydraulic-operated hitch to the rear of your tractor. This ideal towing accessory total eliminates those dangerous ropes and chains.

The SAFE-T-PULL a very commonly used product on the farms throughout the Red River Valley for potatoes and sugar beet harvests during inclement conditions. It has been used in 14 states not only for beets and potatoes but also corn, feedlots, construction, utilities, and anywhere conditions are unfavorable.

It has been tested up to 70 ton loads in irrigation fields. And it is adaptable to all tractors, trucks, and other equipment.

This practical pulling accessory eliminates much of the risk and unsafe nature of dangerous ropes, chains, and cables. Also the SAFE-T-PULL will prevent possible damage to your transmission, clutch, driveshaft, and differential. You will be surprised how reasonably priced this pulling accessory is! You're not making a major purchase form a standpoint of price, but you are from the standpoint of SAFETY and CONVENIENCE.

The whole entire pulling operation is done from the convenience of your tractor cab. It is hydraulically controlled and can be disconnected on the go. You will minimize the down time during your harvest. This heavy-duty construction also has a shock absorbing cushion to lighten the shock on take off.

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