ULTRAFED Pigs - A Natural Growth Promoter for Pigs - Video

Interview of Erick Rouault (General Manager SA Vilaine) by Nicolas Theophilou (Feed Development Director Geohellas SA)

ULTRAFED® is used in different pig breeders in Britanny-France, showing considerable economic benefits for the farms including : (1) Great reduction in consumption of medicines used for prevention of Colibacilosis in 1st , 2nd weaning and post weaning (2) reduction of piglets mortality (3) Improvement in growth rate (DWG) and final body weight (4) Better Feed valorization (FCR) (4) High protection of sows from mycotoxins (Zearalenone etc).

ULTRAFED® are Special Natural Nutritional formulas based on Attapulgite, used for protection of intestinal mucosa of young animals from E.Coli infections, as alternative to antibiotic growth promoters.

ULTRAFED® is absorbing microbial enterotoxins (Clostridia produced by E.Coli), mycotoxins and decomposition products of proteins such as biogenic amines, cleaning the digestive system of the animal and offering a renewed and healthy microphlora, which improves feed efficiency and farm profitability.

Attapulgite is a Magnesium type aluminosilicate coming from the unique deposit in Europe and is receiving a special tribomechanical & delamination treatment by a unique process developed by Geohellas SA (so called dynamization), to enhance anti-diarrheal and toxinogen binding properties.


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