Slurry Storage

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Principle and Process of Sweet Potato Starch Production

    Principle and Process of Sweet Potato Starch Production

    Sweet potato, also known as sweet potato, sweet potato, hawthorn, red glutinous rice, etc., is an excellent raw material for starch processing. The sweet potato starch production process is actually a physical separation process, which separates the cellulose, protein, inorganic salts and other substances in the raw materials from the starch. In the production process, starch is separated from ...

  • Lowara pumps drive livestock operations

    Animal output processed for safe disposal, reuse and renewable energyXylem scopeXylem Lowara have installed several different types of pumps in this process cycle. Ranging from the DLV submersible ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Manure Slurry Storage Bag

    Manure Slurry Storage Bag

    The Alligator slurry bag is in fact an Alligator Bagtank especially equipped to store pig and cow slurries (even if they are acidified). It is also possible to store digestate based upon these slurries. The bags can be produced upto capacities of 7.000 m3. The bottom of the bag is coneshaped to make it easy to empty. The standard delivery includes the Bagtank with sealable inspection ...