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  • Vertically Enclosed High-Quality Fermenter for Manure and Separated Slurry
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    Vertically Enclosed High-Quality Fermenter for Manure and Separated Slurry

    By Big Dutchman

    CompoTower is a vertically, enclosed highquality fermentation system which evaporates the moisture in manure and slurry through a high-temperature fermentation process. The CompoTower process transfers organic waste ...

  • Slurry Tank
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    Slurry Tank

    By Sodimate, Inc

    Sodimate engineers custom mixing tanks for various slurry solutions ranging from 2% to 30%. Typical slurry solutions include calcium (hydrated lime or quicklime), powdered activated carbon (PAC), sodium bicarbonate ...

  • Cattle Trailers
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    Cattle Trailers

    By Broughan Engineering Ltd.

    Cattle trailers are built in all sizes, ranging from 16ft to 32ft and come with aluminium sides and chequered floor and ramp.

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  • Bertuola s.n.c.

    Bertuola s.n.c.

    The company was founded at the beginning last century from Mr. Antonio Bertuola. Later his sons have entered the board of the company and nowadays ...

  • Mestari Farmi OY

    Mestari Farmi has over twenty years of solid experience in agricultural construction. From elemental manufacturing in the early days, our operations ...

  • Samson Agro A/S

    Samson Agro A/S

    We are an international business. For the past 90 years, our top priority has been focusing on satisfying our customers’ needs for innovative, ...

  • Rekitec Oy

    Rekitec Oy

    Rekitec Oy is the market leader of slurry separation equipment in Finland. We specialize in slurry separation solutions. We sell, install, service ...

  • Veenhuis Machines B.V.

    Veenhuis Machines B.V.

    Veenhuis Machines B.V. develops and manufactures innovative agricultural machines for slurry application, such as slurry injectors, tanks, feed hose ...