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  • Ethylene removal by chemisorption. Postharvest technology for kiwi

    Abstract Iran ranks seventh in the world for kiwi production, with over 3200 MT produced in 2012. Kiwifruit can be stored for over 6 months under appropriate conditions, but fruit softening and fruit rots (Botrytis cinerea) can cause severe losses during cold storage, transit, distribution and retail


  • A Sweet Alternative to Pasteurisation of Liquid Sugar

    As featured in this months edition of Food Processing, Diane White of atg UV Technology explains how UV Systems can provide a cost effective, power saving alternative to pasteurisation of liquid sugar solutions in food and beverage productionSyrups ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Fruit and Vegetable Grading/Sorting

    Fruit and Vegetable Grading/Sorting

    The GeoSortIII has started a new trend in the market. Certainly where it concerns speed and capacity. Compared with its predecessor, it can sort no less than 33% more fruit in the same time. In absolute figures, this means that the GeoSortIII can now sort eight fruits per second instead of six. Of course, precise measurement and weighing are guaranteed at this high speed as is fruit-friendly ...