Agriculture Monitoring

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  • Damatta Bio Farmer (Cezar Villela), Brazil - Case Study

    EFFECTS OF VARYING COVER CROPS ON SOIL RESPIRATION IN A BRAZILIAN OXISOL A Cover Crop/ Soil Respiration Study in Brazil: Validating gains in soil biology with Solvita CO2 – results after 1 growing season. Brazilian Oxisols are high in clay with low natural fertility. This poses a challenge for growers. To test the potential for soil improvement various grasses and ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Stepped Heating System

    Stepped Heating System

    Fusions 10.6 CO2 Laser Stepped Heating System. Configured for 40Ar-39Ar geochronology analyses in conjunction with a noble gas mass spectrometer, the Fusions CO2 allows for the targeting and controlled (stepped) heating of mineral samples including feldspars and muscovites, in sections and grains, to their fusion point.

Upcoming Events

  • Effective Environmental Field Sampling and Data Collection

    Effective Environmental Field Sampling and Data Collection

    This class will give you the tools and knowledge you need to provide the project managers, supervisors, and senior level consultants in your organization with data they can rely on. This course will be particularly helpful for you if your job responsibilities include soil, ground water, and surface water sampling. Situations that can pose a challenge to collecting data and how to effectively ...

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