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Farm Monitoring equipment for Agriculture Monitoring

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    ZANA - Automatic Hydraulic Weeder

    This hydraulic auto side weeder is designed for mechanical weed control in fruit & vegetable farms with crops growing in rows, at a spacing to allow the tractor to pass on a cultivated lane. This reduces the cost weed control, maintenance and facilitates keeping these crops. The automatic hydraulic hoe weeder machine is perfect for organic ...

    By JAGODA JPS Agromachines based in Skierniewice, POLAND. from Weeders Product line

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    AgriFlo XCi - Water Meter and Farm Monitoring

    The AgriFlo XCi device monitors vital farm equipment and on-farm sensors. Use the AgriFlo XCi to monitor inputs as diverse as irrigation flows, farm wastewater flows, water quality, dam levels, soil moisture, and pump and engine management systems.

    By In-Situ, Inc. based in Fort Collins, COLORADO (USA). from Flow Monitoring - Flow Monitoring Systems Product line

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    HydroMix - Liquid Feeding System

    The computer-controlled liquid feeding system for profitable pig production. The Big Dutchman feeding system HydroMix is an extremely flexible modular system to provide sows, piglets and finishing pigs with liquid feed. Every HydroMix system is matched to the number of livestock to be supplied and to the building conditions on the farm. HydroMix ...

    By Big Dutchman based in Vechta, GERMANY. from Pig Finishing Product line

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    ZUZA - Model 3 - Hydraulic Weeder

    Mechanical hydraulic hoe side weeder is designed for mechanical weed control in fruit farms & orchards with crops growing in rows, at a spacing to allow the tractor to pass on a cultivated lane.  This reduces the cost of weed control, maintenance and facilitates keeping these crops. The hydraulic weeder machine is perfect for organic ...

    By JAGODA JPS Agromachines based in Skierniewice, POLAND. from Weeders Product line

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    Steinsvik - Central Aquaculture Feeding Systems

    Steinsvik has produced and installed over 900 central feeding systems for both land and sea based farming sites over the past 25 years. This makes us an expert in the field and a valuable partner when planning your next site, or updating your current one. As a customer you get the most user-friendly central feeding system on the market - a robust ...

    By Steinsvik AS based in F?rresfjorden, NORWAY. from SeaCulture - Feeding Systems Product line

  • Cavenco - Gas Generators

    Cavenco professionals have developed gas generators and the most complete and highest quality equipment and installation of poultry and pig solutions. We have more than 25 years of experience providing our services, period has given us the highest knowledge to create products for newer and better designed farms in our sector. The quality, ...

    By Cavenco based in el Burgo de Ebro · Zaragoza, SPAIN. from Heating Product line

  • Model AXIS H 30.2 EMC(+W) - Two Disc Fertiliser Spreader

    Thanks to its smart combination of pioneering RAUCH innovations, AXIS H 30.2 EMC sets new standards regarding the performance limits of professional fertiliser technology:

    By Rauch Landmaschinenfabrik GmbH based in Sinzheim, GERMANY. from Fertiliser Spreaders Product line

  • Longray - Model 5600 - ULV Cold Fogger

    5600 universal ULV sprayer for farm disinfection, pest control, plant protection, stored products control, etc.

    By Shenzhen Longray Technology Co.,Ltd. based in Shiyan Street, Baoan District, CHINA. from ULV Cold Fogger - Electric ULV Cold Fogger Product line

  • Baccara Geva - Model AC24V375 - Inline Electric Valve

    GEVA 75 control valve, 3/4', provides high hydraulic performances in fluid control. Both the efficient design and the advanced technology plastics they are made of, make the valves strong, with very low maintenance.

    By Aquadrip Inc. based in Etobicoke, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Electric Valves Product line

  • Strawmaster - Heavy Harrow

    The Degelman Strawmaster® is the revolutionary machine designed to tackle enormous straw problems. With 26 inch long tines placed in rows of four or five, and set in large ten foot wide by six foot deep sections, this machine is at the forefront of modern straw management. The Strawmaster will shatter straw, control weeds, rake flax straw, and ...

    By Degelman Industries Ltd based in Regina, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA). from Heavy Harrow Product line

  • Model AP81 - Deep Ripper

    Leading on from our most talked about AP91 deep ripper comes the AP81. The AP81 makes deep ripping in broad-acre farming possible with the same strength and innovation as seen on the AP91. With controlled traffic farming widths of 9m and 12m, the innovative no.9 shank assembly design with ripping depths of up to 600mm, the same heavy duty ...

    By AGROWPLOW P/L based in Molong, AUSTRALIA. from Deep Tilage Plow Product line

  • Biosecurity

    A huge challenge to the expansion of the aquaculture industry is the outbreak of disease which threatens many profitable and viable aquaculture operations throughout the world today. Aquaculture loses millions of dollars in revenue annually due to aquatic animal disease and the damage to local biodiversity is immeasurable. Diseases can originated ...

    By eAqua Ltd. based in UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Poultragri - Model 176 - Industrial Eggs Incubator

    Industrial type incubator is used for poultry farming industry. Temperature & humidity display. Automatic temperature & humidity control. Eggs automatic turn. Automatic ventilation. Combination of setter and hatcher. Transparent window for observation.

    By Poultragri based in Nanchang City, CHINA. from Industrial Incubators Product line

  • Hellmann - Enrichable Layer Cages

    Hellmann was the first company to show an enrichable cage, on “Space” in Rennes, France, in 2000. In many countries worldwide, regulations are being discussed that are to decide the welfare of laying hens. In those countries where the regulations are not yet final, it is very difficult to decide between putting in normal cages or ...

    By Hellmann Poultry GmbH & Co. KG based in Vechta, GERMANY. from Colony / Enrichment Product line

  • Land-based Fish Farms

    As modern technology gives us more options, individual fish farms have selected from these technologies and adapted them in order to be as effective as possible with the minimal effect to the local environment. Therefore it is not surprising that there is a large diversity in how these farms function technically. In fact, not two farms are the ...

    By Aquapri A/S based in Frederiksværk, DENMARK.

  • Growing - Model GR - Chicken poultry farm diesel oil heater diesel heater for home poultry farm diesel oil heater diesel heater for homeChicken poultry farm diesel oil heater diesel heater for home which can burn the vaporized fuel directly and heating the air, keep the air indoor warm and dry.poultry farm diesel oil heater is can apply to the ...

  • Blink - Model XP - Plant Vision Cameras

    With the Blink XT cameras you can gain valuable insight into the transpiration from your crop, the cell-division speed, cell differentiation (generative/vegetative) and cell stretching. This allows you to make even better adjustments and achieve the highest yield from your Growlink automation installation.

    By Growlink based in Denver, COLORADO (USA). from Sensors Product line

  • Animal Nutrition & Disease Prevention

    By 2050, global food production will virtually double, with an exponential increase in the demand for affordable meat products. DuPont is helping to meet this challenge, from in-feed animal nutrition to biosecurity solutions.

    By Dupont based in Wilmington, DELAWARE (USA). from Agriculture & Vegetation Product line

  • Water Current Monitoring System with Guardian xC

    Guardian xC measures speed and direction of currents in water.  Guardian xC will provide momentary information about the water movements. The Guardian package includes sensor buoy, software and charging unit. Knowing the local water currents is crucial for good management in fish farming. With Guardian xC you can map and monitor the water ...

    By Bio Marine AS - part of OxyVision based in Tiller, NORWAY. from Monitoring Product line

  • Maxi System

    Maxi Systems are built to exacting specifications at locations that have been approved for water and power supply. Maxi Systems produce high volumes of fresh sprouting fodder and can be erected in locations to optimize the feeding cycles for your farm. With a solid concrete base and metal frame these environmentally controlled growing buildings ...

    By H2O Farm Ltd based in Windsor, UNITED KINGDOM.

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