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Fertiliser Monitoring equipment for Agriculture Monitoring

  • Min-Till Air Seeders

    Designed originally to offer lower cost single pass crop establishment in the wheat [small grains] areas of the W. Cape the EQUALIZER Air Seeder is now a proven market leader in the whole small grains agricultural sectors of South Africa extending from the rain fed areas of the W. Cape to the irrigated crops of the northern states

    By Theebo Tech based in Western Cape, SOUTH AFRICA.

  • Agrónic - Model 2500 - Fertigation Controller

    Agrónic 2500 is a complete fertigation controller, entirely configurable with multiple uses and extension and communication possibilities, which replaces Agrónic 2000. There is a basic version with prices, features and handling similar to Agrónic 2000, becoming a high features equipment by adding the complete PLUS option ...

  • Model 1255 - Pull-Type Inter-Row Banding or Broadcast Applicator

    A Murphy gauge measures air manifold pressure using inches of water column. The gauge is connected to the in-cab control with warning light and buzzer to warn of insufficient air pressure, ensuring proper application.

    By Valmar Airflo Inc. based in Elie, MANITOBA (CANADA). from Fertilizer Product line

  • Novanna - Fertometer

    Potted plants depend on fertilizer to grow with full beauty and strength. Fertilizer is often improperly applied or neglected because it has not been practical (until now) to measure the actual nutrients in the potted soil. Measurements can now be converted into real-world fertilization tips by taking advantage of professional EC measurement ...

    By Novanna Measurement systems Ltd. based in Bury St Edmunds, UNITED KINGDOM. from Agriculture & Horticulture Equipment - Soil Activity Product line

  • Planter Cross Augers for Fertilizer

    Market Plastic Cross Augers are time saving accessories which allow you to auger bulk fertilizer quickly & easily into your corn planter. Whether you have a simple rigid planter or a more complicated unit like the KINZE 3600 flex planter, Market Farm Equipment makes a cross auger to fit it. All of our cross augers feature a heavy gauge PVC ...

    By Market Farm Equipment Limited based in Dashwood, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Market Augers Product line

  • Askon Engineering - Dosing Scale for Additives

    Dosing module is used for preparation of dry mixtures (flour with additives, dry baking mixes, fertilizer mixtures, etc.). Its work is based on controlled measurement of a dose (s) of flow-through material added to a basic one. The dose ranges from 1 ÷ 10 kg and is automatically weighed. The doses number can reach up to 5 into one mixture. ...

    By Askon Engineering Ltd. based in Blagoevgrad, BULGARIA. from Dosing Product line

  • PCE - Dragline System

    The most efficient and environmentally friendly way to utilize animal manure as a natural fertilizer to grow crops.

    By Puck Custom Enterprises, Inc. based in Manning, IOWA (USA).

  • Agtron - Model Area Plus - Acre Monitor

    From your sprayer to your ATV, the Area Plus is versatile enough that it can be applied to almost any piece of equipment. There are two area counters so you can keep track of short and long term coverage. A seperate input monitors shaft RPM.

    By Agtron Enterprises Inc. based in Saskatoon, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA).

  • FlowMate - Liquid Fertilizer Flow Monitor

    The FlowMate is a simple to operate, highly accurate, liquid flow monitor. Achieve more precise mixes of chemicals while improving your inventory control. Simple setup and calibration. Monitors flow information in English or metric units. Easy to integrate into your system; many sizes of compatible flowmeters available.

    By Micro-Trak Systems, Inc. based in Eagle Lake, MINNESOTA (USA). from Flowmeters / Fertilizer Flow Control Product line

  • Vineyard Fertiliser Banding Ripper

    Exceptional machine for application of granular fertiliser to permaculture crops such as grapes and citrus. Places fertiliser where needed increasing efficiency and decreasing losses. Gives the grower the ability to vary rates on the go, to suit local soil types within paddock. 100-2000kg Bin Capacity (SST Bin Optional). High density poly ...

    By Pastro-Custom AG Pty Ltd. based in Griffith, AUSTRALIA.

  • biSensor - Soil Moisture Sensors

    Using Baseline’s biSensor soil moisture sensors, you can create healthier landscapes and save time, money, and water in the process.  Baseline’s biSensor soil moisture sensors use patented technology to water better than any other technology on the market and biSensors save money because they reduce water usage—up to 62 ...

    By Baseline Inc based in Boise, IDAHO (USA).

  • Novanna - Model pH Agrar 2000 - Soil and Water pH Analysis for Monitoring Crop Nourishment

    The pH AGRAR 2000 is an important tool for monitoring crop nourishment. Plants grow optimally when a pH value is maintained specifically for that specific plant type. The absorption of certain main nutrients can be hindered if the the pH value is either too high or too low. The technical manual delivered with your Stelzner product contains a ...

    By Novanna Measurement systems Ltd. based in Bury St Edmunds, UNITED KINGDOM. from Agricultural Spraying Products - Soil and Water pH Analysis Product line

  • Spring - Green Plant Fertilizers

    Spring Fertilizer for both indoor and outdoor plants. The special formulation is a guarantee for a healthy growth of green plants of all kind. Liquid fertilizer; add half a measuring cup to 2 liters of water. Spring water soluble fertilizer for flowering plants has also an enriched formula with additional trace elements. Dissolve 20 g in 10 liters ...

    By Spring From Holland B.V. based in Sassenheim, NETHERLANDS. from Fertilizer Product line

  • Model ST20 - Robust Monitor

    agriCAD ST20 is equipped with a large and robust monitor to be kept in the cabin and from a professional GPS antenna which guarantees an accuracy of 20 cm between a pass and the next. The system is used for all the work of preparation, treatment, fertilization and harvest. Users of GPS guidance systems parallel believe they have had more benefits ...

    By GPSKIT srl - agriCAD based in Povegliano Veronese, ITALY. from Parallel Tracking Product line

  • Solano - Model SNC 6000 - Pneumatic Seeder

    6.000-litre hopper, with access platform and riddle. Hydraulic support of the tow bar. Adjustable hitching ring. Rear arc structure with 3 points to hitch the sowing train. Box with auxiliar hydraulic and 12 V electrical plugs. Rear working lights. Central wheels with low pressure tyres 550/60 R22,5″. Trace erasers with adjusting of ...

    By Solano Horizonte S.L. based in Corvera (Murcia), SPAIN. from Seeders Product line

  • Gungor - Model P.M - Pneumatic Precision Planter

    Accurale seeder machine , with its three-point hitch system, adjustable row. and depth distance systems. Manufactured in,7.8 sequentials, with or wihtout fertilizer models which usable in different seed classes, such as sunflower seeds, corn seeds, melon seeds, pumpkin seeds, soybean seeds, peanut seeds and fiber taken cotton seeds, beet ...

    By Gungor Agricultural Machinery based in Malkara, TURKEY.

  • Gungor - Model P.M.T - Pneumatic Precision Planter

    Accurate seeder machine, with its three-point hitch system, adjustable row. and depth distance systems. Manufactured in 2,4,5,6,7,8 scqucntials, with or wihtOul fertilizer models which usable in different seed classes, such as .sunflower seeds, corn seeds, melon seeds, pumpkin seeds, soybean seeds, peanut seeds and liber taken cotton seeds, beet ...

    By Gungor Agricultural Machinery based in Malkara, TURKEY.

  • Precision - Model N - Leaf Nitrogen Measurement Tester

    Yara N-Tester is a hand held leaf nitrogen measurement tool which enables quick and easy readings to be taken in a growing crop to establish its exact nitrogen status. This enables fast and accurate field specific recommendations to help fine tune application during the growing season. This can result in more accurate field scale ...

    By Precision Decisions Ltd based in York, UNITED KINGDOM. from YARA N-Sensor & N-Tester Product line

  • Chemical Fertilizer

    Agriculture is an empowered arena nowadays. With advancement of technology, new machines related to cultivation, harvesting , etc. are being introduced to enhance the productivity. Now that everything has been taken care of, how can one remain behind to promote the real growth. Today when the whole life cycle of every plant is in human hands, ...

    By Agro Products based in INDIA.

  • Hydra - Model II - Soil Moisture Sensor

    The Hydra II probe measures 10 different parameters simultaneously. The Hydra Probe instantly calculates soil moisture, conductivity, salinity and temperature as well as additional parameter for research applications.

    By Logotronic GmbH based in Vienna, AUSTRIA. from Sensors for Meteorology Product line

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