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  • Somalyser - Somatic Cell Counter
    Showcase Product

    Somalyser - Somatic Cell Counter

    By Bruker Optik GmbH

    Somalyser MK1, the somatic cell counter by Lactotronic. Assurance of milk quality; Somatic cells (predominantly white blood cells of the cow) are usually present in raw cow milk. However the concentration of those can ...

  • Dairy Monitor - Coaching System
    Showcase Product

    Dairy Monitor - Coaching System

    By Agrovision B.V.

    The Agrovision Dairy Monitor is the coaching system with which  farm advisors can work proactively with dairy farmers. Feed companies can also access milk production data on their customers’ farms with the ...

  • Decromat Swivelling Individual
    Showcase Product

    Decromat Swivelling Individual

    By Albouy Equipement

    ALBOUY Equipement offers you Decromat swivelling individual removal of milking clusters in your old or new milking parlour. Turnaround of clusters by metallic arms commanded by pneumatic jacks. Each cluster is equipped ...

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  • Osmonds & Sons (Dublin) Limited

    Osmonds & Sons (Dublin) Limited

    Osmonds & Sons (Dublin) Limited was registered on 12th October 1932 in Ireland and was subsequently located at Little Ship Street, near Dublin ...

  • Dairy Cheq, Inc.

    Dairy Cheq, Inc.

    Dairy Cheq Inc. has been managing milk quality for many years. Our focus is providing information to decision-makers so they can better manage the ...

  • Greenoak North America Inc.

    Greenoak North America Inc.

    Greenoak is an international milking machine manufacturer and supplier of equipment for milking Cows, Goats & Sheep. In 2006 we opened our North ...

  • Stellapps


    Stellapps is an end-to-end dairy technology solutions company – the first of its kind in India. We are an IIT-Madras incubated company founded by a ...

  • Milking Equipment Association (MEA)

    Milking Equipment Association (MEA)

    The Milking Equipment Association (MEA) is the Trade Association for manufacturers, dealers and suppliers of milking equipment and systems. To ...