Milk Testing

Equipment & Solutions

  • PortaSCC milk test
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    PortaSCC milk test

    By PortaCheck, Inc

    The PortaSCC® milk test is a somatic cell count test for early on-farm mastitis detection in cows. The reaction time is 45 minutes. The user can read the test with a color chart or optional digital reader. The tested ...

  • Total Antibiotics in Milk Test Kit
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    Total Antibiotics in Milk Test Kit


    REAGEN™Total Antibiotics in Milk Test Kit provides an easy and simple test method for detecting total antibiotics in milk. Compared with current commercially available kits,.the unique features of the kit are:A quick ...

  • Milk Test Kit
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    Milk Test Kit

    By Neogen Corporation

    Penzyme is an enzymatic test that permits fast detection in milk of beta lactam antibiotics used in the prevention and treatment of cattle diseases, in particular mastitis.

Companies & Suppliers

  • Guangzhou Ballya Bio-Med Co.,Ltd

    We are the poineer of dairy test kit of chinese manufacturing kits for raw milk testing. Now we have over 7 years in this field, we have special team ...

  • KonRun Biological Technology Co., Ltd

    KonRun are manufacturer of food safety test for 9 years.We have professional R&D team on dairy antibiotics residues test.Beta lactam test,beta-lactam ...

  • PBMarketing


    PBMarketing is a specialist firm offering farmers, breeders and vets top quality electronic equipment for their animals. The products in our ...